Monday, June 2, 2008


For anyone who has been reading my main blog, Missives From Suburbia, you've probably run across my Suburban Obsessions feature. In fact, you may have tried DIORSHOW mascara because of one of my recommendations or, heaven help your thighs, Oreo Cakesters as a result of one of my posts.

In the months since launching my blog, I've received over a million* requests to review products. For the most part, I've turned down those offers, because in writing a blog I consider to authentic to my personality, it felt disingenuous to blog about products I don't use or have never tried. And to be perfectly honest, no one was offering to give me free products or pay me to write lies, so to hell with 'em.

But that's all changed. The kind folks at Parent Bloggers Network have invited me to test-run a few things, and so I've kicked off a separate blog solely for the purpose of talking about the things I love (and don't). As always, some of my obsessions will be of my own making, but some of them will be products people have tossed my way and I've taken a real-life look at in my own home. Personally, I think these people are incredible brave, because who knows what I'll say, right? But I suppose that's the risk they're willing to take.

You might be thinking, "Oh, jeez. First she started running ads. Now she's reviewing products. It's blatant commercialism! She's sold out!" And you'd be right. It's not like being a stay-at-home-mom is keeping me in Christian Louboutins. A girl's gotta earn her own way at some point, even if that means bowing at the feet of Corporate America. What are you whining about? I'll tell you if the stuff is crap! I might even give away some of it for free. Oh, sure... now you're paying attention, right? Right.

So stick around. It could be fun.

*Well, maybe seven or eight.



VDog said...

Awesome. Looking forward to it! And Congrats!

Big Pimpin' Baby!

Caffeinated Cowgirl said...

Product review? Do they realize what they've asked of you? They do understand you have a side of you that is brutally honest right? I foresee many comical writings coming from suburbia soon....Can't Wait!

Kiki said...

Okay, wandered over and am so excited to see what comes of these reviews, I expect some hilarious information on products I've been dying to try.

Some day I'll get up the nerve to pay for a pair of Christian Louboutins, until then its the Dillards shoe sale for me every season! {{sighs}}